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Business Success Isn’t About Working Harder. (It’s About This)

When it comes to business success it can be easy to become lost in the weeds. Your head can be so far down in the trenches it can be hard to assess what the real priorities are. The result – you just work harder, believing that doing so should surely bring you better outcomes.

One of the best ways to remedy this problem is to change your perspective. I.e. get up out of the trenches, elevate yourself and have a good look around. When you can see the WHOLE picture, things can become a lot clearer. Clearer thinking leads to better choices, better choices lead to better outcomes. Sounds like a good thing right?

Of the topics I often present, the one that consistently gives people light bulb moments of clarity is this Big Picture concept. It’s called the “4 Keys to Business Success“, and it covers the four key aspects that influence every single business on the planet – including yours. So…

What is the Key to Business Success?

  1. Money – How it flows, how you measure it, and how you manage it.
  2. Growth – The fun part. It’s the marketing, and the sales and the story you want to tell.
  3. Operations – Efficiency and how to scale your business without blowing up in the process.
  4. People – Finding purpose…and profit through getting the people side of business right.

The Business Success presentation is usually a half-day intensive which drives down to the root of what may be holding your business back, and then brings you back up to get that birds-eye view of what exactly needs to change. It also provides specific tools you can use which will make an immediate change in your business.

That said, to share a 2hr video, likely would not be helpful to you, so I’ve condensed it down and shared it here as an audio. Then, you can listen to it while you’re driving, mowing the lawn…or brushing your emu.

It is still about a 40 minute time investment, but really, what else are you listening to while you’re brushing your emu?

As always I welcome comments and questions. Enjoy.

Audio Version of the 4 Keys to Business Success

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